Simply irresistible!

The new 8in1 Minis: no dog can resist these fun, delectable and healthy snacks for in between meals — now available in four exciting flavours.
8in1 Minis

Uniquely flavoursome

Your dog would do anything for these chewy bones. The exceptionally tasty 8in1 Delights provide extra-long chewing fun right to the last morsel. Check out the video to see for yourself...
Delights Movie

Especially scrumptious

8in1 Delights chewy bones are now also available with chicken meat wrapped in savoury porkhide. Great chewing fun and effective dental care rolled into one.
Delights Pork

Delights - The original

9 out of 10 dogs prefer our patented 8in1 Delights* — the only chewy bones made of tough hide wrapped in real meat and available in many sizes and varieties. A feast for the taste buds and good for the teeth.
8in1 Delights

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Great-tasting snacks – 100% guaranteed

Test the quality of our mouth-watering 8in1 Fillets.

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