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Does my dog need nutritional supplements?

Is it actually a good idea to give dogs vitamin tablets?

MultiVitaminThese days, virtually all balanced premium staple foods are enough to satisfy a dog’s minimum daily vitamin requirement. However, there are certain situations throughout a dog's life that will increase the need for vitamins and this is where nutritional supplements come into play. For instance, stressful situations such as travelling, relocation or new people and pets can all lead to an increase in the amount of vitamins they require. Pregnant and lactating bitches also need an extra helping of vitamins. Furthermore, any disruptions to the animal's metabolism, temporary illnesses such as diarrhoea and parasitic infestations or even long-term diseases (for instance of the pancreas) also increase the amount of vitamins required. Your vet should be happy to advise you on this and recommend over-the-counter supplements.

8in1 offers a range of three different multi-vitamin tablets, with varieties designed for puppies, adult and senior dogs. The products contain a recipe that is specially tailored to suit the dog’s age and capability and includes valuable vitamins, essential trace elements, antioxidants and premium omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA.

How beneficial are brewer's yeast tablets for my dog?
BierhefeYeasts are true all-rounders and, with a high content of beneficial B vitamins (such as vitamin B1), essential minerals and trace elements, brewer’s yeast provides everything that’s needed for an active metabolism. Brewer's yeast has been a well-known beauty treatment for human skin and hair for decades. However, very few people know that brewer’s yeast helps keep the bacterial flora of the gut in balance and therefore directly and indirectly promotes good digestion and strengthens the animal's natural defences. Mind you, the brewer's yeast must be debittered, or else it will have an unpleasant taste and the dog is unlikely to eat it. In addition to debittered brewer's yeast, 8in1 Brewers Yeast Tablets also contain a specially formulated selection of vitamins as well as trace elements such as copper, manganese and zinc. Plus, they also contain garlic, which has been thought to offer protection against parasites for many years. Last but not least, the tablets also contain valuable fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids for a product that protects and nourishes your dog's skin and fur from the inside out. Feeding your dog these tablets on a regular basis will make even dry, dull coats appear visibly nourished.

Practical treats have been all the rage for some time now, but how useful are they as a dietary supplement?
These days, dog treats should be more than just a way of rewarding your pet. Dog owners are looking for sophisticated snacks that will provide a valuable supplement to their pet's staple diet. This focuses on four main issues, namely, helping to keep teeth healthy and improve breath, supporting balanced digestion, actively maintaining healthy joints and achieving healthy, shiny fur. As well as practical ingredients, owners also want products that specifically don't contain certain ingredients, such as sugar, grains that contain gluten or colourings. Dog owners want to reward their pets in a healthy way and they can do this by choosing practical treats such as 8in1 FILLETS pro. Each of the four varieties has its own additional benefit. For instance, 8in1 FILLETS pro skin & coat contain linseed oil for a glossy coat, 8in1Filletswhile 8in1 FILLETS pro active contain glucosamine and chrondoitin, which help to keep dogs' joints, tendons and ligaments healthy. Plus, 8in1 FILLETS pro digest contain chicory roots and also help to promote healthy intestinal flora, while 8in1 FILLETS pro breath contain peppermint and parsley, which are traditionally known to reduce bad breath.

Why are dental diseases considered one of the four main issues?

Chicken and Beef

Mouth diseases are very common among dogs and are one of the main reasons for a trip to the vet. As with humans, food substances can settle on the surface of teeth and combine with bacteria to form what is known as plaque. Bacteria and their metabolic products can cause inflammation of the surrounding gums and, from there, can enter the bloodstream and damage internal organs such as the heart, kidneys and liver. This means that healthy teeth and gums have a major impact on a dog's longevity and quality of life; the problem is not simply limited to the animal's mouth. However, the good news is that unlike tartar, plaque can be reduced or removed mechanically by brushing teeth or feeding dogs a specially textured supplement.

So, how will I know if my dog has a problem?
Periodontal diseases, which affect tissue surrounding the teeth, are insidious ailments that often go unnoticed. The first signs, such as bad breath, are often just ignored, seen as one of the animal's inevitable flaws and are not actually interpreted as a symptom. The smell, caused by bacteria, is not necessarily an indication that the dog is in pain. On the other hand, dogs will not always go off their food when they have toothache. A more common sign is a change in behaviour, something which owners would not normally associate with mouth disease. Examples include fatigue, reluctance to play or aggressive behaviour.

Cleaning a dog's teeth is no easy task. So, how can you reduce plaque?
DentalIt's important to remove plaque, preferably on a daily basis. Very few dogs will allow their owners to use a toothbrush to clean their teeth, so special dental snacks or chewing materials made from rawhide offer an effective way of preventing tartar build-up. Yet, to achieve this, the products need to be vigorously chewed for a long period of time and this is often not the case with simple rawhide bones. However, 8in1 Delights chewy bones contain tasty meat, which means that these chews are readily and intensively chomped.  This has also been proven in a study conducted by an independent institute, which revealed that nine out of ten dogs prefer 8in1 Delights*. It also determined that the bones were "worked on" non-stop for an average of 80 minutes, ensuring that the dog's teeth were effectively cleaned.  8in1 Delights are not only available in a variety of different sizes to allow dog owners to choose the right bone for their beloved pet, as 8in1 also offers different varieties, including 8in1 Delights Strong for breeds with powerful bites or 8in1 Delights pro Dental. These are enriched with teeth-cleaning minerals to remove plaque more effectively and prevent tartar from reforming, making them the perfect toothbrush for dogs!


*2010 preference test.

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