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Staying with friends and family

Your decision not to take your dog along for the trip should be based exclusively on your dog’s wellbeing. Perhaps your elderly dog would find the journey too stressful, or maybe you have been unable to find suitable accommodation for your dog? Maybe you have to go away at short notice, and the only possibility would be to leave your dog alone during the daytime in a strange hotel room. 

Depending on the length of the trip and on your dog’s breed and character traits, there is still the option of asking a friend or relative to look after your dog. Especially if your dog is familiar with this person, this is a great opportunity to reduce the amount of stress that your dog experiences. 

However, there need to be certain basic prerequisites so that your dog can feel at ease: think carefully about who has the time, but also about who meets the appropriate requirements in terms of living and outdoor space. Inform any person willing to help of your dog’s specific needs and of any current health problems and ask whether they think that they are capable of looking after him. Make it clear that you require an honest answer, as it will not help your dog if he is taken in by someone who wishes to do you a favour but who does not have enough time to take care of him. 

Ensure that your dog encounters the same or very similar conditions in his temporary accommodation as at home: a dog that is used to sleeping inside should, on no account, suddenly be made to sleep outside. If other dogs are present in the household, it is essential that you check beforehand whether your dog gets along with them. Arrange for him stay there for a day or two (and overnight) on a trial basis.

  • Compile an 8in1 Packing List for your dog. This not only makes it easier for the person who is going to be looking after your dog to take care of him, but it also reduces the risk of forgetting something important.
  • Pack a few of your dog’s familiar things. These include his basket, kennel or pet home as well as his usual playthings.
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