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Toilet Training

Your young puppy is extremely active and needs to eat several small portions of food a day. However, with food comes the need for your puppy to do his business.

As a rule, your puppy will not dirty his own bed, but you must teach him that this applies not only to his basket, but also to your home. Observe your puppy closely. If he whines, turns in circles or seeks a place to do his business, pick him up and carry him outside. Praise him only once he has relieved himself there. 

Initially, in addition to set walking times, you should also take him out after feeding and before bedtime. If a mishap still occurs, you should not punish your dog. If you catch him at it, carry him outside. If all you come across is a small pile of poop, then clear it away and ignore the accident. Your puppy cannot know that you are reprimanding him for a past mishap but will associate the punishment with whatever he is doing at that time. 

So that your dog does not get into the habit of using the same place again as a toilet, you should treat the area with a special canine-friendly cleaning agent such as the 8in1 Stain & Odour Remover. Only if all organic remains are removed and no characteristic odours remain will your puppy treat this place with indifference.

You can speed up your dog’s learning process by using various small aids. Pads treated with a special fresh grass scent such as 8in1 Training Pads can be used to attract your dog. He will get into the habit of doing his business on the pad. Then, gradually move the pad closer to the door so that he ultimately ends up “going” only outside. As these pads are highly absorbent and leak-proof, you can happily leave your as yet un-house-trained puppy at home alone once in a while. A similar effect can be achieved by spraying 8in1 grass-scented Puppy Trainer Spray on an old newspaper that you have laid out on the floor.

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