8in1 Delights Chewy Sticks with chicken flavour

  • Cleans teeth

  • Reduces plaque and prevents tartar build-up

  • Satisfies a dog's natural chewing instinct

  • Only 2% fat

  • No artificial colours or flavour enhancers

3 pcs


8in1 Delights Sticks are chewy sticks with delicious chicken meat wrapped inside tough rawhide for your dog's enjoyment, recommended for dogs weighing between 2-35kg. This tasty rawhide and chicken combination will keep your dog happily busy and ensure intensive, long lasting chewing fun to enhance dental care. 8in1 Delights products help to satisfy dogs’ natural instinct to chew and exercise their jaw muscles. These sticks help to reduce tartar and plaque build-up as your dog will be encouraged to keep chewing until the very last bite to reach the meat in the middle. With up to 60 minutes of chewing time, this product will provide a satisfying chew experience for your dog and keep them occupied. It is the perfect match of chewing fun and a dog treat, ideal for in between your dog’s meals and to fight against boredom. Additionally, these sticks are low in fat and free from artificial colours and flavours. Keep your dog happy with the 8in1 Delights Sticks.

Nutritional Facts


Meat and animal derivatives (Chicken meat 10%), Minerals.

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein 82,0%, Crude oils and fats 2,0%, Crude fibre 1,0%, Crude ash 2,0%, Moisture Content 14,0%.


Preservatives. Animal feed - not intended for human consumption.


1 piece per day


Snack food to be fed in addition to daily meals. Bowl with fresh water should always be provided. Supervise your dog while chewing. Complementary feed for dogs.