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Five reasons your dog will love 8in1 chews!

We know that your dog’s sense of taste is as individual as they are. At 8in1 we offer a range of chews in lots of delicious flavours and shapes to delight all dogs! Here are our top five reasons they’ll love our Triple Flavour chews.

#1 The indulgent snack

There is nothing better than relaxing at home with your pet, but we often feel guilty for having non-dog friendly snacks. The 8in1 Triple Flavour Skewers combine three exciting layers:

  • Beef hide
  • Pork hide
  • Succulent meat chunks (chicken and duck fillet and chicken liver)

Making them the perfect indulgent snack for your furry friend when relaxing together!

#2 Tasty playtimes!

As we know, dogs are motivated by food and by fun. 8in1 chews can be used to play a variety of games which provide you and your dog hours of entertainment and enjoyment. As 8in1 chews contain tasty meat, they are the perfect toy to use for hide and seek with your pet. This gets your dog’s brain working and replicates their natural scenting instinct.

#3 Healthy teeth and gums

Dental disease affects an ever growing number of dogs but a simple tasty chew has excellent dental benefits for your dog. The hard surface scrapes away plaque and can prevent tartar from forming.

#4 Keep their muscles strong

As well as their dental benefits, chews also keep your dog’s jaw muscles strong. It’s like a mini workout for their mouth!

#5 A great reward

Dogs learn by positive reinforcement. That means, if they do something good and they get a treat, they’re more likely to do it again. Chews are an excellent way for proud parents to reward their four-legged friends for a job well done.

Choosing the right size

It’s important to choose the right size of rawhide chew for your dog. Always supervise your dog while chewing. Select a slightly larger chew than your dog’s mouth and discard chunks or fragments.

New 8in1 Triple flavour chews come in a variety of different shapes and sizes available for every dog size, so you’re sure to find the perfect delicious treat for your dog. Explore the 8in1 Triple Flavour range.

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