8in1 Fillets Snacks Pro Skin & Coat

  • 8in1 Fillets Pro is the healthy reward for in between meals

  • The unique Nutri-Centre is specifically designed to promote your dog’s wellbeing and comes in a number of different varieties

  • Pro Skin & Coat is enriched with linseed oil for a smooth, glossy coat

  • Only 5% fat

  • Resealable bag for longer-lasting freshness

80 g


8in1 Fillets Pro Skin & Coat treats are premium quality, delicious snacks to help keep your dog looking their best. 8in1 Fillets Pro treats are not only extremely tasty and low in fat; they also offer your dog a delicious treat with that little bit extra. These snacks consist of tasty chicken meat with a special nutritional core, known as the “Nutri-Centre” which has healthy, functional added ingredients to promote your dog’s wellbeing and vitality. The unique Nutri-Centre is enriched with linseed oil, contains between 80 to 90% omega-3 fatty acids. These treats are particularly beneficial if your dog suffers from dry, scaly skin. 8in1 Fillets Pro Skin & Coat contain only 4.5% fat and are a healthy reward for in between meals. The resealable bag means that you can take these snacks with you when you are out and about or on journeys. 8in1 Fillets Pro are also available in four flavour varieties: Pro Dental, Pro Active, and Pro Digest, to suit every dog’s needs.

Nutritional Facts


8in1 Fillets Pro Skin & Coat suitable for dogs of all sizes.


Snack food to be fed in addition to daily meals. Bowl with fresh water should always be provided. Supervise your dog while chewing.