Training Pads

  • Super absorbent training pads

  • Safe and easy house training

  • Ideal for puppies, indoor, senior and incontinent pets

  • Grass scented

  • 5-Layer Protection

  • Reduces odours

  • 56cm x 56cm



8in1 Training Pads are super absorbent training pads for safe and easy house training. They are not only ideal for training puppies, but also for indoor, senior or incontinent pets. The pleasant grass scent also encourages the dog to use the pad, whilst the highly absorbent and leak proof pads lock in moisture safely. The 5-layer protection of the pad helps to lock in and reduce urine odours immediately. The 8in1 Training Pads are easy to use, safe and convenient - and there is no soggy mess to clean, keeping paws dry and clean. They are also perfect for protection when travelling with pets, in cages and pet carriers, during long car rides, air travel and more.