Chicken Bone Strong S

  • Delicious chicken breast inside

  • Strong and long lasting chewing fun

  • Enhancing dental care due to the natural abrasive action of chewing

  • Low in fat

  • Rich in proteins

  • Free from artificial colours and flavour enhancers

  • No added GMOs or gluten

  • Oven baked

XS 7ct
S 1ct
M 1ct
L 1ct


8in1 Delights Chicken Bones Strong S are made of tasty beefhide and delicious chicken breast and ensure strong, long-lasting chewing fun for small dogs with a weight between 5 and 10kg. Due to their firm consistency the bones offer an extra tough chewy treat and therefore perfectly fit for dogs with a particularly strong instinct to chew. More than this: while keeping your dog busy, the bones enhance dental care. Due to the natural abrasive action of chewing, tartar is removed from your dog's teeth and in that way the bones support your dog's dental health. The low in fat 8in1 Delights Chicken Bones Strong S perfectly serve as a mouth-watering chew to reward your dog. They are rich in proteins and free from artificial colours and flavour enhancers. Furthermore, neither GMO's nor gluten are added to the oven baked chews.

Nutritional Facts


beef hide (66%), chicken breast (31%), rice, glycerol, tapioca starch, glucose, sorbitol, sodium chloride.

Analytical Constituents

protein: 88%, fat content: 2.5%, crude fibre: 1%, crude ash: 3%.


Feed 1 treat over a course of four days. Do not exceed 1 treat in a four day period. Treats should not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake.


Select a chew slightly larger than your pet’s mouth. Balance food intake and exercise with this reward snack. Always provide fresh water. Supervise your dog while chewing.