Triple Flavour Rings M/L

  • Low in fat

  • No added sugar

  • 5 Flavours : pork hide, beef hide, chicken liver, chicken breast and duck breast

  • Two-in-one: Interlinked rings encourage your dog to play and chew

  • Long-lasting chewing fun

  • High in protein

  • Helps prevent plaque and tartar build-up*

  • No artificial flavours

  • Oven-baked

80 g / XS/S 2ct
120 g / M/L 1ct


Delicious chewy rings with pork hide and beef hide, wrapped in tasty chicken liver, chicken breast and duck breast. The playful Triple Flavour Rings in the size M/L keep your dog busy and ensure intensive chewing which is great for teeth and gums*. Encourage your dog's playful nature and satisfy their chewing instincts with our interlinked rings. These rings are not only delicious but also have the advantage of being low in fat and high in protein. Say goodbye to artificial flavours and added sugar, as our rings are carefully crafted without these additives. Treat your furry companion to a special oven-baked delight that is sure to be the perfect reward, showcasing your love in the best possible way.

Nutritional Facts


meat and animal derivatives (19% chicken liver, 16% chicken breast, 16% duck breast, 10% beef hide, 10% pork hide), derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetable protein extracts, vegetables.

Analytical Constituents

protein 44%, fat content 4%, crude fibre 1%, crude ash 2.5%, moisture 14%.


preservatives. colourants.


Not recommended for X-Small (<5kg) size dogs.
Not recommended for Small (5kg-<10kg) size dogs.
M (10-25 kg) Size Dog; Feed 1 over a course of 5 days. Do not exceed 1 treat in a five day period.
L (25-40 kg) Size Dog; Feed 1 over a course of 3 days. Do not exceed 1 treat in a three day period.
X-L (>40 kg) Size Dog; Feed 1 over a course of 2 days. Do not exceed 1 treat in a two day period.


Select a chew slightly larger than your pet’s mouth. Balance food intake and exercise with this reward snack. Adjust the amount of food if needed. Always provide fresh water. Supervise your dog while chewing.